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5-band Graphic Equalizer using BA3812L

5-band Graphic Equalizer using BA3812L

This circuit uses a single chip, IC BA3812L to perform a 5-band graphic equalizer for use hi-fi audio systems.The BA3812L is a five-point graphic equalizer that has all the necessary functions integrated into one IC. The IC consists of the five tone control circuits and input and output buffer amplifiers. The BA3812L features low distortion and low noise and wide dynamic range, and is an ideal choice for Hi-Fi stereo applications. It also has a wide range of operating voltage (3.5 V to 16V), which means it can be adapted for use with most music players.

The five center frequencies are independently set using external capacitors, and as the buffer amplifier output stage and the tone control section are independent circuits, fine control over the width of a frequency band is possible, BA3812Ls use two, it is possible to build a 10-point graphic equalizer. The amount of boost and cut can be adjusted by external components.

The recommended power supply is 8 V, but the circuit should work for a 9V supply too. The limit of maximum voltage is 16V.