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30W Audio Amplifier based TDA7296

30W Audio Amplifier based TDA7296

The audio power amplifier of this scheme is a power amplifier based on TDA7296 chip. The audio amplifier is a class AB amplifier, which can be used in high fidelity (stereo, speakers powered car, TV five stars). The maximum output power obtained with TDA7296 amplifier circuit is about 60 watts. Thanks to the wide range of voltages and high power output capability is able to provide the highest power in 4 and 8 ohm impedance load.

The TDA7296 is provided with both stand-by and mute two independently driven by CMOS logic input pin compatible and optimized to avoid any kind of uncontrolled audible transient at the output. The maximum power of 60 watts is obtained with a power supply around 29V VS = ± 8 ohm load impedance, VS = ± 24V, 6-ohm load impedance, VS = ± 22V 4-ohm impedance loading.

The 60-watt maximum power delivery of the audio circuit is obtained with a 10% total harmonic distortion. Use a power supply around VS = ± 24V, 8 ohm load impedance, VS = ± 21V, 6-ohm load impedance, VS = ± 18V 4-ohm load impedance of the maximum power delivered by the amplifier is 30W, but the total harmonic distortion is about 0.5%. Key features of this amplifier are: high output power, high voltage 30V operation, the mute and standby functions, thermal shutdown and short circuit protection.

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