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5 Tube Stereo Amplifier

5 Tube Stereo Amplifier

This 5 tube stereo amplifier is based on the achievement date of your archetypal backward 1940's 6-tube AM radio amplifier design. Its artlessness invites a little analysis from those who adore tinkering.

I get a lot of inquiries about this design. Here is a little history of the design: I advised this amplifier as a stereo adaptation of the achievement area of an old Trutone radio (made c.1947) I was application with my computer in 1999 (I affiliated the computer audio to the radio's phono input). The Trutone radio has an 8" electrodynamic apostle that I had re-coned in 1997 and articulate absolutely nice. I acclimated this homebuilt amplifier with some old 12" speakers from a Magnovox console. I fabricated actual basal modifications to the design, and acclimated the amp for about two years afore departing it out for added projects.

After accomplishing some contempo assignment recapping my old Trutone, I anticipation I would activate this folio up a bit. As you can see, I accept redrawn the schematic and simplified it abundantly by removing the accent controls (something I should accept done in the aboriginal version). I accept additionally afflicted the tube agency to added accurately reflect the prototype. I accept additionally adapted a few typos. In earlier versions of this page, the achievement agent impedance was accustomed as 7600 ohms, it is absolutely 3300 ohms